Our Thanks

Over the last few weeks we have been so overwhelmed by all the kind messages of support and show of respect for Campbell, its truly humbling to know that he had such a big network of friends and family around him.
This Memorial is not only a tribute to Campbell and his life but also a thank you to everyone that was in his life, he will be dearly missed by everyone.

Peakes Funeral Directors.

Thank you for the dignified professional service you gave Campbell, thank you for taking care of us and thank you for putting up with my mad ideas.


Alastair Scott of tank school.co.uk

When I rang Alastair and said, ‘I have a crazy idea’ his words back were, ‘Mike I think I can help you’

Turns out Alastair is as mad as I am and was more than welcoming with the idea of sending Campbell off in a Tank.  Alastair’s planning and cooperation with Gwent Police and Peakes funeral Directors made the day go without a hitch, possible routes were planned on maps then driven to check suitability by us and even the logistics of shipping a tank from Usk all handled by Tank School! Thanks guys.


Gwent Police

As we all know Campbell wasn’t an angel in his younger days so to have Gwent Police give him a Police Escort and help with traffic management on the day was amazing, Thank you Gwent Police.


Grev Philips Premiere-Photography.co.uk

Grev is a very good friend of mine, he was meant to be at a wedding shoot on the day but got a stand in photographer  for a few hours and came over to support me, and photograph the day. Thank you Grev, and thank you Shaz for driving him around, you are good friend’s.


South Wales Argos

I couldn’t believe that the Argos wanted to do a bit about Campbell and i was even more shocked to see such a big article in their newspaper, we were inundated with pictures of news stands outside news agents showing the sign’s saying ‘Cwmbran Man given Military Farewell’  Thank you to both reporters, you touched all of our hearts.


Mark Adams

What can i say about this guy, he has been an absolute rock for me, thank you Mark for being there, you truly are a good friend, Mark also helped with photography and for that i’m very grateful indeed.


Sharon Foster

Sharon was Campbell’s first girlfriend, like all of us she was devastated when she heard the news, You can hear Sharon’s lovely voice on the gallery’s of this website, she very kindly sung Angel and gave me permission to use the track in memory of Campbell, Our heart go’s out to you Sharon, Thank you x


Stephen Beach

I first contacted Stephen to ask if i could have permission to use one of his photos of the Tower so i could make something memorable, Stephen was very helpful and went outside and took a fresh photo and Photoshoped it that evening. This photo has since been the building blocks of Campbell’s Memorial, Thank you Stephen.


The British Legion

For allowing us to park a tank on your driveway, Thank you.


Our Ladys of the Angels School

The images will never leave my memory of all the school kids lining the road with their heads bowed to pay respects to an ex school boy of Our Lady’s. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness, show of strength and respect for my brother, from the heart Thank you very much.

We all came together for one person,

For Campbell x